UGC Management

Automate the process of acquiring advertising materials, build trust and authenticity through User Generated Content (UGC), which refers to content created and shared by users.

Benefits of User Generated Content

Generating Advertising Materials

Utilizing existing customer-generated content eliminates the need to create new advertising materials, reducing production costs.

Promotion within Creator Community

Gain the opportunity for promotion within the influencer community to expand campaign reach, build trust, and enhance brand credibility.


 Customers often rely more on recommendations from other customers than traditional advertisements, leading to a greater inclination to make purchases.

Understanding Customers

Analyzing UGC content can provide valuable insights into customer preferences, opinions, and needs.

How We Generate UGC

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Collaboration with Influencers

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Contests and Challenges

Social Media Hashtags

Our Approaches to UGC


UGC Strategy

We begin by crafting a cohesive UGC strategy, encompassing influencer selection and creative contests that engage your community and expand brand reach.


Establishing Collaboration with Influencers

Next, we join forces with influencers, selecting individuals who align with your image and brand. We ensure seamless communication and effective collaboration.


Relationship and Content Management

After obtaining content, we ensure its quality and consistency while building enduring relationships with influencers. We monitor reactions and support interactions to fully harness the potential of UGC.

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Let's Talk About UGC