Marketing Automation

Klaviyo marketing automation

Utilize customer data to deliver personalized offers at the right moment, increasing the chances of making a sale and fostering customer loyalty.

Application for eCommerce.

Abandoned Carts

Unlock the potential of unrealized purchases through an automated email series that reminds customers about their abandoned carts.

Build Relationships

Automate the process of welcoming new customers by sending personalized email series. You can provide brand information, offer discounts on first purchases, and start building relationships from the very beginning.

Personalized offers

Utilize customer preference data to automatically deliver product recommendations that might interest them.


Send essential information about your offer, brand, and products through an automated newsletter.

Our approach to marketing automation


Strategic planning

We create a personalized campaign automation plan, perfectly tailored to your business goals.


Configuration and implementation

We finely configure tools like Klaviyo.com, creating content that reflects the essence of your brand.


Optimization for growth

We analyze, adjust, and optimize campaigns, aiming for the growth of your business through the full potential of automation.

Let's talk about marketing automation