Google Ads

Show your products to millions of people who search for products on Google every day.

eCommerce Solutions

Sell more products.

Increase sales in your store by reaching people who are searching for specific products from your offering

Position yourself on specific search phrases

Reach customers who enter specific phrases into the Google search engine and direct your offer to them

Increase traffic on your website

Attract new customers to your website and encourage them to explore your offers and brand.

Build brand awareness.

Utilize the scalability of online marketing to showcase your brand to a maximum number of people.

Where will we display your ads?

search network google ads

Search network

Advertising that appears at the top of Google search results, tailored to specific keywords and directed at users searching for a particular product or service.

products campaign google ads

Shopping Campaigns

A graphical product advertisement displayed at the top of search results, featuring the price and image, focused on promoting specific products and encouraging users to make a purchase.

Partner network google ads

Display network

Google Display Network (GDN) is a network of partner websites that display a variety of graphical, text, and video ads. It allows you to reach a wide audience on websites, mobile apps, blogs, and other platforms outside of the search engine, using advanced targeting options.

youtube ads

Youtube Ads

Various video formats placed on the YouTube platform allow you to reach users while they are watching videos. This includes short video ads that present promotional content, product information, services, or brand messaging.

Our Approach to Google Ads


Keyword Research

Understanding the industry you operate in and potential keywords is the cornerstone of advertising through the Google platform. Typically, we identify 10-15 keywords with the greatest potential for your brand. We also always prepare exclusionary keywords to mitigate the risk of exhausting your advertising budget.


Personalized Ads

Ad personalization involves tailoring content, graphics, and campaign settings to the unique preferences, habits, and characteristics of customers in order to achieve the most effective advertising results and engage the right audience successfully.



The process of scaling ads on Google Ads involves gradually increasing the budget and reach of a campaign while monitoring performance metrics. Starting with successful test campaigns, the budget is incrementally raised while adding new audience groups and keywords.

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