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Acquire new customers, promote your content, or increase brand awareness using the world’s largest social media platform and our expertise.

eCommerce solutions

Sell more products.

Increase the number of products sold online by reaching new target audiences. Reach individuals interested in your product through personalized ads.

Customer engagement

Find people who love what you do and seize the opportunity to build an engaged community for the long term.


Increase website traffic

Attract new customers to your website and entice them to explore your offerings and brand.

Brand awareness

Utilize the scalability of internet marketing to showcase your brand to a maximum number of people.

Where will we display your advertisements?


Advertisements in the Stories placement are available on the Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger platforms. Stories allow you to display ads in a format of 1920 x 1080.


The Feed is a placement located on the main page of Facebook and Instagram, also known as the "News Feed."


This is a new ad format similar to TikToks, which often combines dynamic creations in the format of 1920px x 1080px along with sound.


Alternatywne umiejscowienia, używane głownie do retargetingu.

Learn how to prepare your creatives for Meta Ads

Our approach to Meta Ads


Multi-Creative Testing

Creative Testing allows us to discover which visual elements and content effectively capture attention and engage the audience. Through testing, you can optimize campaign efficiency by tailoring the message to user preferences, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and improved results.


Testing audience

Testing audience groups in Meta Ads campaigns allows us to identify which segments are most responsive to your advertisements. Through such tests, we can customize our message to specific preferences and needs of various groups, enhancing the likelihood of improved conversions and achieving better campaign results.



The process of scaling ads on Meta Ads involves gradually increasing the budget and reach of the campaign while monitoring performance metrics. Starting from successful test campaigns, you gradually increase the budget and add new audience groups and creative elements.

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