Linkedin Ads & Automation

Advertise on a platform of professionals who are willing to pay significant amounts for a quality product or service.

eCommerce solutions

Sell more products.

Increase the number of products sold online by reaching new target audiences. Reach the professional community through Linkedin Ads.

Build engagement

Share specialized knowledge and gain the opportunity to build a community of valuable audiences from the professional network of LinkedIn.


Schedule a meeting

An effective way of acquiring potential customers, allowing for easy and quick completion of contact forms, which increases conversions and facilitates the collection of valuable contact information.

Build brand awareness.

Utilize the scalability of internet marketing and showcase your brand to the maximum number of people.

Linkedin Ads placements

Single image

Simple graphic ads that will appear to LinkedIn users while browsing content on their feed.


Ads consisting of 2 or more single images. Displayed on the main feed.


Ads that appear identical to a single image but instead of an image, they display a video

Our Approach to Linkedin Ads


Multi-Creative Testing

Creative Testing allows us to discover which visual elements and content resonate the best with the audience and engage them effectively. Through testing, you can optimize campaign performance by tailoring the message to user preferences, ultimately leading to higher conversions and better outcomes.


Audience Testing

Audience testing in Meta Ads campaigns allows you to identify which segments are the most responsive to your advertisements. Through these tests, we can tailor our message to specific preferences and needs of different groups, increasing the chances of higher conversions and achieving better campaign results.



The process of scaling ads on Meta Ads involves gradually increasing the budget and reach of the campaign while monitoring performance indicators. Starting with successful test campaigns, we progressively raise the budget, add new audience groups, and creative elements.

LinkedIn Automation

Professional automated campaigns on LinkedIn will help you engage with individuals who are valuable to your business and achieve your chosen business objectives.

No advertising budget

In automation activities, we don’t need an advertising budget. The only cost involved is our work and tools.

Precise trageting

Thanks to the Sales Navigator application, we’re able to create highly precise lists of users to whom we’ll be sending messages.

Automation, not spam.

Thanks to a carefully designed marketing automation funnel, our actions will be subtle and effective.

Professional LinkedIn Profile Appearance

To achieve high effectiveness in our actions, we prepare a professional LinkedIn profile or enhance the existing profile of your employee.

Organic growth of your LinkedIn profile.

Thanks to LinkedIn automation, you not only acquire new clients but also expand the organic reach of your profile and build a network of contacts that you can leverage at any time in the future.

Precise tracking

The effectiveness of our campaigns will be easy to diagnose with monthly reports.

Better results through A/B testing.

Message A

Message B

Message C

Our approach to Linkedin automation


Preparation a LinkedIn profile.

We will create a professionally looking LinkedIn profile or enhance your existing one to instill trust and professionalism in your audience.


Customer list preparation

Based on your needs, we will prepare marketing lists of individuals who are highly likely to be interested in your product or service. For example, founders of companies in Belgium, in the IT industry, with companies having up to 100 employees.


Preparing the structure and launching the campaign

We carefully prepare an effective funnel to ensure that the campaign generates the desired results. Our system will send around 100 messages per day during the warming-up phase. After the profile warming stage, we will be sending 300-500 messages per day.

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